For Anonymity at Scale

Building the largest global anonymous-routing ecosystem. Enter our new Anyone Protocol Staking Dashboard below and Stake ANYONE for on-chain revenue.

Stake $ANYONEDocsStaking Dashboard


And receive recognition through ANYONE

ANYONE strengthens decentralized networks like Tor with on-chain rewards. Contribute to internet anonymity as a relay and receive ANYONE through Proof-of-Uptime.

Building Obscurity

ANYONE aims to grow the number of active Tor relays, strengthening the network to accommodate more volume


Relays, including ANYONE's own hardware, can earn the ANYONE token for encrypting and transmitting data 

End-to-End Privacy

Our protocol is built to preserve anonymity, through gasless layer 2 transactions powered by Smartweave.


Through Immediate Interoperability


There are more Tor users than DeFi combined. ANYONE contributes to preserving the parallel internet.

Immediate Incentive

Relays can mine ANYONE, measured by consensus weight, and earn tokens in real time

Services for anonymity

The ANYONE Protocol will enable private services, such as onion services, to transact using ANYONE

The ANYONE Relay

Our relay hardware is immediately interoperable with PoU rewards and allows non-technical users to contribute to decentralized networks while mining ANYONE

Your Hardware Or


Third-pArty Relays

Incumbent Tor nodes can be whitelisted into the ANYONE Protocol gaslessly. Nodes simply need to hold ANYONE to register and immediately receive rewards


Phase 1:
Project Launch

1a: ERC20 Launch ✓

1b: ANYONE at ETH Denver ✓

1c: Architecture and Technical Whitepaper ✓

Phase 2:
Relays, Registration and Metrics

2a: Develop Private Relay Registration ✓

2b: Relay Education Series ✓

2c: Immutably publish Consensus Weight Metrics ✓ 

Phase 3:
ANYONE Relay v1 and Validators

3a: ANYONE Relay PCB Prototype ✓ 

3b: ANYONE Relay First Manufacture ✓

3c: Deploy Permanent Validation Infrastructure

Phase 4:
Protocol Beta and Hardware Distributions

4a: Protocol Live on ETH Mainnet

4b: First Mass Release of ANYONE Relay Hardware...